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Kenyon Lewis Transparent Art Glass Panel
Patterns of nature -
wind and water acting on rock and sand…
These fleeting landscape images are skillfully transformed into permanent glass and ceramic art by Northern California glass and ceramic artist Kenyon Lewis.

Surface Transformation...

Functional Art Glass


Kenyon Lewis Art Glass Privacy Panel in
Detail of privacy panel installation - K

In addition to privacy, the clear/blurred window glass is hung inside the existing window, high enough to block the view of neighbor “stuff”, yet leaving the trees and sky in clear view...

From purely sculptural to modern industrial - Kenyon Lewis’ original artistic designs apply themselves to endless architectural applications, including kitchen back splashes, privacy glass panels and living space dividers for private residences and commercial interiors.. 

Custom curved wall by kenyon lewis -upst

Some familiar patterns are reminiscent of a walk on the beach or ripples on the river. These different uses can bring an element of function to the design, making them more than decorative. 

Art glass room divider by Kenyon Lewis -
23 TXW upstairs bar glass.jpg
Art glass beach panel - mounted and lit
Kenyon Lewis Blue with Clear Glass Puddl
Tile & Sculpture

Tile & Sculpture

Kenyon Lewis is an award winning artist who has been actively showing his original ceramic and glass art since 1987. 

Lewis' work can be seen in private homes, restaurants and businesses throughout Sonoma County, with large scale public art installations in the Yolo County Public Library, Davis, CA, and at UCCS in Colorado Springs. He is a long time supporter of the Redwood Food Bank's "Empty Bowls" event. 

Western Exposure Public art mural at UCC

From unique handmade tile to porcelain soundproof wall panels, many of Kenyon's elements can be replicated and customized to fit any space.

Tex Wasabi sushi area with Kenyon Lewis
Kenyon Lewis - Segmented Fish Panel on W
White Ceramic Pyramid wall piece by Keny
Pyramid Wall w_colored light.JPG
Kenyon Lewis Large Steel Sculpture  - Wa

Kenyon has also assisted other esteemed artists around the globe. The list includes Claes Oldenberg's "House Ball", an iconic sculpture in Berlin, and San Franscisco's "Union Square Art Tile” by Vicky Saulls.  He also worked with the late artist Ann Chamberlain on her "Garden Project" at UCSF Mt Zion cancer center’s healing garden.

Union Square SF ceramic tile designed by
Custom Molds & Manufacturing

With an artists eye and decades of experience in commercial manufacturing, Kenyon possesses a unique skillset to design, fabricate, and custom build or retrofit his (or your own) artwork into any home or commercial building.

Kenyon has been working on fabricating a series of custom commemorative tiles - uniquely designed, personalized mementos that are ideal for wedding favors and other special events.



When he is not working on private commissions, Kenyon can be found hosting weekend workshops from his own studio, which is located in the beautiful Alexander Valley near Cloverdale, CA. He travels extensively as a visiting artist, offering daylong workshops, demonstrations, slideshows, and Q & A in schools and art programs throughout Northern California. 


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